I believe that healing begins by looking closely at and listening deeply to a person's Body - the skin, muscles, bones, fat, and sinews - as well as her Spirit - the animating force that shines through the eyes, that loves, cracks jokes, remembers, and grows. When the body and the spirit are in harmony, we can channel our energy and passion into our unique paths and create lives of abundance and purpose.

Rather than being someone who only fixes symptoms, I see my role as a facilitator for change. Born with incredible intelligence, the body is very capable of healing. Sometimes all that is needed is some input to find its way towards balance. By providing a safe space and skillful input, I can help shed light on the root of illness and point the body towards health and balance.




Chinese medicine provides a lens through which to make patterns out of seemingly unrelated symptoms. One way these patterns can be corrected is through acupuncture. Hair-thin, sterile, single-use, filiform needles are used to stimulate specific points on the body that have an effect on its physiology. One way to think about acupuncture is that it is on the continuum of movement. If the body is generally healthy, regular exercise is enough input to keep everything in harmony. But when the body becomes stuck, it benefits from a stronger input, which acupuncture provides. 



Just as acupuncture can be seen on the continuum of movement, Chinese herbal medicine is on the spectrum of nutrition. Eating a balanced diet appropriate for the individual, all of the body's physiological processes - including sleep, appetite, digestion, and elimination - happen effortlessly. When this is not the case, herbal formulas can help restore the body's functions. As with acupuncture, symptoms that don't seem related can form a constellation of disease that is treated effectively with herbal medicine.



We read and interact on an energetic level all the time. Energy is the way we know we are being stared at before we turn around to see who is there, and it is the basis for the hunches we get about people and places throughout the day. In my practice I use energy work to help facilitate the body's healing and to clear blockages that are stuck in the body. This approach can be especially helpful for conditions that have not been successfully addressed through more physical healing modalities.